Friday, March 10, 2006

Catchin' Up

Whew, it's been a busy two days, let me catch you up.

On Wednesday I met my playgroup in the park for a nice stroll. The weather was great! It was so unbelievably refreshing and wonderful to be back outside again! I miss it so much, and I think DD does, too. Every morning when we wake up and I open the shades in her room, she just stares outside, probably wondering why we don't get to go out any more. I cannot wait until it is warm enough on a consistent basis to take her out every day again. After our walk, we took the babies to McDonald's so that we could eat lunch and the babies ate their lunch and we had a good time. I can even start to see my mood lifting as the thermometer creeps up and up...

Yesterday I took DD with me to a knitter's meeting. She was sooo good! Even though she is cutting her fourth bottom tooth, she was in a great mood, smiled and laughed and entertained everyone at our table. I even got to KNIT! It is a very exciting moment for me. DD sat in her stroller and ate her lunch, while I knit--I just can't stop saying it. I feel like it has been forever since I have been able to knit that much. Everyone had comments to make about the fact that I am knitting DD's dress out of Debbie Bliss's cotton/angora--"she'll spit up on it, you won't be able to wash it", what do they think she's an animal or something. OK, I'm not going to give her foods I KNOW she's messy with while she is wearing it (like her new favorite blueberries), but if she does get it a little dirty, I am able to clean clothes--all by myself. I hand wash everything I knit for her whether it can go in the laundry or not, anyway. And she will be wearing a bib... Someone even snickered "first time mom"--UUGGHHH! Hello, I have worked in pediatrics for a very many years, I know what I am dealing with here. Besides, I am knitting her something for her to wear and enjoy, not to just sit on a hangar in her closet. I don't care what they say anyway--hhmmpphhh. (insert pout here) Did I mention it's white? He he

After we got home from the mtg (which was enjoyable despite the nay-sayers, I'm being overly dramatic here, lol), I tried to get DD down for a nap--no way, not happening, and she barely napped in the morning. Then my DH came home early from his dentits appt, then my mom and SIL called. Well, that pretty much clinched it--she was not getting an afternoon nap. My SIL called to say my MIL was over (she lives in Queens and rarely gets to come out this way) and I packed up DD again so she could go bond with her Grandma. We stayed for dinner and DD ate like a pig, lol. I don't think I have ever seen her eat that much before in my life! But she had a good time and that's all that counts and she passed out on the two minute car ride back to our house.

Today we will be heading over to another knitting meeting at the local Barnes and Noble and then I need to look into some invitations for DD's first birthday party. Wow, I cannot believe how fast this year went. I am starting to miss when DD was so small and loved to be cuddled on my chest to sleep. DD is too wild and wooly now for any of that, she wants to be down, on the floor, crawling around and exploring every minute until she passes out from sheer exhaustion!

After we get home from that, I need to hunker down and clean up the place. My parents, sister and her boyfriend will be coming tomorrow for brunch and to visit and see DD. I have some serious cleaning to do. See ya!


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