Thursday, November 03, 2016

As a Girl Scout leader, I'm always on the lookout for women role models to inspire our girls to lead.  When the opportunity came to review this book, I snatched it up! 

First the positives--I was intrigued that it was organized by geographic location and discussed women leaders around the globe, not just the USA.  The aim was to inform us regarding women who have shaped the course of history, not just women who are famous.  Each page has a drawing of the person discussed and then a 2-page spread discussing their accomplishents.  It would be impossible for me to fact-check this book, as many of the women are unknown to me (yay for learning something new!) so please beware if you are looking to use this as a source for school, etc.

The negatives--The title.  I'm not sure I appreciate the full meaning and context of the word RAD used in this title but it seems a little too ingratiating to the intended audience and honestly, my daughter screwed up her nose when she read the title.  The color scheme.  Ick.  The drawings--every single one of them looks mean, angry or just not human.  The choice of women--being informed about women's history, I could have listed at least 100 other women to include as well, but some of their choices were interesting, if not just as important, but many women who I felt have shaped history were decidedly missing from this book.

Overall, the content is important and fascinating.  The packaging leaves much to be desired but I will ask my daughter to flip through it with me and learn about someone new every once in a while. 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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