Saturday, July 01, 2006

A busy day....a hectic week

Hi all. It's been a week (or two) of ups and downs, mostly down.

It's July 4th weekend and we spent the day cleaning up around the house. For some inane reason I decided to clean out my husband's side of the closet. I just couldn't take the disorganization any more!! LOL I still have to do my side of the closet yet, but I somehow feel better knowing his side is cleaner...I have a nice big bag of clothes to donate and that's just from DH. I've already taken a few bags from my clothes and DD's closet--of course she is constantly growing out of things, I just make monthly donations there. I do give a lot of her clothes to a friend who recently had a baby girl, but there are still clothes left to donate.

I've also been playing around with the new family tree software that I got on Thursday (Family Tree Maker 2006 Deluxe). It's crazy how caught up in it you can get and lose hours of time searching on the internet. I am just trying to take what my uncle had done a little further and add my dad's side of the family and DH's side of the family on to it, so that DD will have a complete history when she grows up.

I am especially sensitive to maintaining family connections and keeping all our family history documented as we lost another family member last week. My uncle finally lost his battle with lung cancer. The fact the he is gone is still amazing to me and hard to believe. As a child, my uncle was always a "larger than life" figure, with a deep voice, sarcastic wit, a great storytelling ability and such an easygoing personality. As an adult I can appreciate that he worked hard and played hard, climbing to the top of his industry working for Siemens on only a high school degree, a kid at heart when he was on his boat being the captain and made such a great whiskey sour (still one of my most favorite drinks). He was also a volunteer in the same first aid squad that I volunteered for and I was so proud to have him as my uncle. So it is in his name that I continue on the search for our family tree and every time I have a whiskey sour, I will hoist the glass in the air and think of him.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger Sandra said...

Family history is so very important. The internet has made searching so much easier! My husband's mum has gone back to the 15 century on one line!

At 10:56 PM, Blogger kdy12570 said...

Wow, that's inspiring!! I think my uncle had his father's side done back until they immigrated here from Ireland, but he wasn't sure of the info, so I want to double check it. I am very excited to learn all I can about it while my daughter is young, so she can understand her heritage. She's a mix of German, Irish and Chinese, so she will have lots to learn about!

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Tammy said...

Oh KDY, what a great thing to do for your dd!! My dad has done the same thing for us. It does mean a lot to see where we came from. Some awesome stories there, too.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger kdy12570 said...

That's what I am hoping not to loose out on--all the stories that get lost along the way. I will be interviewing remaining family members when they are ready so that I can commit their stories to paper. I find it fascinating how my parents met, what their life was like, etc. I'm sure my DD will think so, too!


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