Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Anyone else need a vacation from their vacation?

Well, it's been 3 days since I returned home from our 9 day family cruise. There were 14 of us and it was hectic!! I can't see over the pile of laundry that needs to be put away--at least almost everything is cleaned (still need to make a run to the dry cleaners). Cruising with a toddler is..... different, to say the least. It certainly is not as relaxing as our cruises past, but it was fun to see things through her eyes. Since DD had just learned to walk 3 weeks before we left, she was still a bit of a novice, and that made me on edge the whole time. She took 3 major spills, the first one before we even left port! But she recovered just fine and it has not deterred her one bit! I managed to read one book while we were away (The Nanny Diaries--beware, I did not think it was nearly as funny as I have heard. In fact, I found it disturbing and sad), but I barely knit. I don't know why I didn't get to do any knitting. It just didn't happen. I did get to be a bit creative, though. They held scrapbooking classes, which I attended as much as possible, and arts and crafts classes. The one class I really enjoyed was making a beaded bookmark. Let's just hope for all our sake I don't get addicted to that, too. Although I am taking my nieces to the local bead store tomorrow to make some jewelry

Anyway, we woke up every morning and all DD would say was "Water, water, water" and she would pop herself up on the ledge by the porthole and sit herself down and watch the waves. She had a difficult time sitting still during dinner (who am I kidding, I found it hard to sit still for 2 hours, too!) and we would all take turns bringing her outside the restaurant to walk back and forth and back and forth. I guess that was a major advantage to having a large group with us--many entertainers!

So it is a few days until I close the contest for the sock yarn. I definitely have not made up my mind who the winners are, so there's still time to join in the contest. I hope everyone will be pleased with their yarn and happy knitting!


At 4:07 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I just read your latest post. We have met in the Knit Swap world but I didn't know you had a blog - I would have been here sooner! The cruise sounds like it was fun - I have only been on one cruise myself; my DH and two other couples took 7 days in Alaska a few years ago, and what a treat it was. Cruising with a child would surely be different, but still fun. Sorry there wasn't more knitting!

In the spirit of the contest here are my various projects (I had never heard of TOADS before - great acronym!).

Here are the things for which I have all the supplies and haven't started yet (another category, I think!):

Wedding present afghan, already two years late
Sweet Mary Jane (lace jacket from KnitPicks)
Short midriff-tie sweater for DD #1
Prayer shawl yet to be designed
Legends of the Shetland Sea (lace shawl - I think this is the name of it!)

Then there are the true UFO's (or WIP)"
Fiesta Feet (Lucy Neatby sock pattern, started for the Knitting Olympics but interrupted by an important prayer shawl)
Two socks, Magic Loop, toe up - I had to frog the cuff because the fancy ribbing was too loose and now I an having trouble getting them back on the needle at the same row of the pattern stitch

I have lots of other undesignated sock and shawl yarn waiting in the wings should I ever get past this first mountain. Oh, and I have signed on for and not knit one stitch of three different mystery shawls!

If the contest is still open toss me in; if not, this was a great exercise that I hope will inspire me to get to work!

See you around! - Karen


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