Sunday, July 09, 2006


Well, it's a few days before our cruise, and I find myself shopping like crazy!! I don't know what's gotten into me, but everything I buy seems to be something we need terribly (OK, except for the few toys I bought for DD, but they were all on sale--how could I resist?). It must be the stress of getting ready and not knowing how the vacation will go. I even went back on my word and started another project off my USO list. I'm ashamed, really. I have justified it with the fact that I want/need to bring only small projects on the cruise and everything seems to have a lot of yarn to go with it. I am bringing along the beaded scarf kit, which can be seen here: . I chose a lovely shade of pink rayon and clear crystals, which sparkle like diamonds on it. I only have a few rows done, but I am already liking how it will turn out. It is tedious, though, so I hope I won't get frustrated by it while I am away with nothing else to knit--maybe I should pack a back up....

I am so happy that my SNB group is going to have a nighttime get-together that is close enough to me. I hope to make this a regular occasion and actually get a significant amount of knitting done. It will also be good to just get away for a night--I need that now and then. It never ceases to amaze me how much more refreshed I am when I come back from being away from everyone for a little bit. I think it makes me a better mom, and a better wife, when I get some alone time. I know everyone tells you that you should be selfish and have a time set aside for yourself, but it's hard to do. You get caught up with cleaning, taking care of the baby, washing clothes, cooking and a million other mundane errands and chores. It's hard to get away, but then when I out! I am going like a mile a minute--shopping, knitting, whatever it may be. So that is my piece of advice for tonight--take time out for yourself--you do have the right to be selfish. In fact, I made a pact with myself after my DD was born, that they only people I will knit for is myself and my daughter. Up until now, I have mostly given everything away that I knit. I have nothing to show for all my hard work, etc, and I don't think anyone has even bothered to send me a picture of them wearing/using the knitted gifts I have given them anyway. So, for all of you that want permission to do it, I say "Be selfish" 'cuz noone is going to do it for you!


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