Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ooo Ooo Ooo

Someone read my blog, someone read my blog!! This is so exciting!! All this time, noone has read it, I was starting to think noone loved me. But then I decided to add the link to my signature on my emails--brilliant idea--now I have at least one person I know of who has read my blog. I guess one would question why I have continued to write in it, if noone has read it. I think it's because now that I am not working and have very little time to knit and NO time to scrapbook, I need a quick and easy creative outlet. Now anyone who knew me in school would find that funny since I would just about do anything to get out of writing an essay or paper. Heck, I even studied nursing and maybe the fact that they only have multiple choice questions could have something to do with it (not really people, come on!! You CANNOT be a nurse or withstand nursing school if you didn't have a passion for it). Maybe it's because I can write whatever I want, when I want, how I want and I have complete control over it--damnit! Oooo, I said a swear word--now you would NOT have gotten away with that in English class!

Our day was relatively uneventful. After lunch, DD and I headed out to Jackson outlets for another bathing suit and sandals, both for her. I never get time to look for me. I think DH had better watch her so I can get some of my own shopping done, too. We were able to find both and headed out of there before it rained. AFter dinner, DH and I took DD for a ride in her wagon around the development and for a quick swing in the park. She babbled and danced and tried to sing the whole time--boy she's a chatterbox! My mother enjoys telling me that I was the same way as a toddler. I'm getting excited about the posibility of meeting with my old Knitting Knerds(c), my mom has agreed to watch her once a week so I can meet up with them. We always had such a fun time and actually got some knitting done in the process. Maybe we could even work something out for going to Stitches East this year. I know I said I shouldn't go any more because I accumulate projects that I never get around to doing, but I don't care--nyah, nyah, nyah ;-P It's so much fun and is like a big girls weekend out. I do hope I can swing it, the only year I missed it since I started going in 1999 was the year I got married--it conflicted with our honeymoon. I even went last year with DD, that was stressful, but I still managed to leave there with yarn, lol. Anyway, I just came up with an idea for holding a contest on my blog and I want to post it separately, so toodles for now....


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